Film composer Cliff Martinez earned huge popularity in 2011 with the commercial success of his scores for Contagion and Drive. But his success didn't come in an overnight, as he kept writing amazing scores in the last 25 years since his film composing debut with Sex, Lies and Videotape. One of his best works - and perhaps one that is hard to buy - is the soundtrack for Narc, a 2002 crime film by Joe Carnahan. Narc soundtrack shows a huge spectrum of musics, ranging from his signature minimalist scores to rock-influenced ones that tracks back to his Red Hot Chill Pepper drummer days. I uploaded this for his oversea fans (including myself) that would rarely have a chance to listen to this album. If you can buy the album, please do. A genius like Martinez deserves it - actually, every single musician does.


Electronic / Stage & Screen / Soundtrack / Downtempo / Ambient

Zombie (Original Film Soundtrack)

Klaus Doldinger
Die Unendliche Geschichte: Das Album

Mark Snow
The Truth And The Light: Music From The X-Files

Jerry Goldsmith
Rambo III (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Eric Serra
Bande Originale Du Film "Subway"

Sielmann 2000

Jay-Jay Johanson
La Troisième Partie Du Monde

Irmin Schmidt
Filmmusik Vol.2


The Future Sound Of London
Mushroom 11 Soundtrack

Julee Cruise
Peaks Mania EP

John Carpenter
New-York 1997 (Escape from New-York)