Old school hip-trance classic. CD: Magic Affair - Omen (The Story Continues...) * I will delete any comments containing "eurodance" or "eurohouse" words in it..when you wanna talk about 90's dance music, call it just like that - Dance, because no one has ever used any other term back then, so if you say "eurodance" or "eurohouse", you actually reveal that you wasn't there at the time, so better shut up all you "great fans and connoisseurs" born too late to actually live this.


Electronic / House / Euro House / Hard Trance

PH Electro
Stereo Mexico

What Is Love 2K9

Dance Assassins
Here I Am

Rico Bass
Happy Station

Schubkraft Vol. 5

Mark 'Oh
Greatest Hits & Remixes

Brighter Day

Nalin & Kane
Cruising (Beachball 2006)

Tina Cousins
Wonderful Life

New Baccara
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie 2005

Bad Boy Bill
Falling Anthem

Nicki French
I Surrender