Classic Punk Singles 1976-1980 - X-Ray Spex
7" Oh Bondage Up Yours ! / I Am A Cliche (Virgin) 1977
written by Poly Styrene ... this is the band's first single

Poly Styrene (vocals)
Jak Airport (guitar)
Paul Dean (bass)
Paul Hurding (drums)
Lora Logic (sax)

ripped from original vinyl single for the best possible sound quality

By random search through my 7" single boxes I choose to upload here more or less classic punk singles from 1976-1980. I exclude some of the "biggest punk bands" ... like Clash, Pistols, Ramones etc. These are some of my favourite punk singles ... in the way I see it today, some 35 years later. Hope you like them too. Once again I won't tell much about the band nor the song ... probably you know more about this than I do, if not, google it ;)

I'm totally aware this has been uploaded YouTube more than several times, but once again I wanted to include this on my channel as well. Even though I suppose there won't be many persons to listen to this. Thanks for being one of them ;)


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