Hope you like our remixes of Denis First & Reznikov for our single Highway ???????? Let us know what you think in the comments below!
Надеюсь вам понравиться ремикс от Denis First & Reznikov на наш сингл Highway ???????? Пишите свое мнение в комментах ниже!

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???? Filatov & Karas Tour / Live shows 2019:
08.11. Hugo Club, Varna (Bulgaria)
10.11. Private Party, Moscow (Russia)
17.11. Burito Concert, Moscow (Russia)
22.11. Private Party, Gorno-Altaysk (Russia)
23.11. Hulakula Club, Warsaw (Poland)
29.11. Rublev Club, Norilsk (Russia)
04.12. Snow Party 5, Moscow (Russia)
06.12. Saray, Rostov on Don (Russia)
07.12. Forbs, Stavropol (Russia)
14.12. Private Party, Omsk (Russia)
19.12. Aquaterra, Chisinau (Moldova)
20.12. Private Party, Chisinau (Moldova)
21.12. Private Party, Minsk (Belarussia)
06.01.2020 Live Fest 2020, Sochi (Russia)
08.02.2020 GIS Party, Moscow (Russia)
21.02.2020 Pallada, Vladivostok (Russia)
22.02.2020 Luna, Khabarovsk (Russia)
23.02.2020 City Hall, Yuzhno-Sahalinsk (Russia)
...more coming soon

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Electronic / House / Deep House

Higher / Four To The Floor / Save A Prayer


Don't Cha Want It?

Obas Nenor
I Love You

Freestyle Man
Port Arthur EP

Funky Green Dogs
Get Fired Up

Cody Currie
Ode To Eddy

Russ Gabriel
In The Boat EP

Benny Camaro
Incomplete / Hold Tight (Marcus Brodowski Remix)

Feelin U

Bas Noir
I'm Glad You Came To Me (Steve Anderson Remix)

Paul Cut
To Brothers EP