Mama (english version)
ZUCCHERO with Stevie Ray Vaughan - MADRE DOLCISSIMA (Memphis, 19.03.1989)

Directed by Russel Young
Produced by Expensive Pictures
Filmed in London/Memphis, 2004
/in full

Mama 5:48 (release: Miami, 11.02.1997)

Written by Zucchero
English lyrics adaptation: Frank Musker
Publisher: Universal Music Italia S.r.l. / Zucchero & Fornaciari Music S.r.l.
(P) 1997 Mercury France
Zucchero: Vocals
Johnny Hallyday: Vocals
Corrado Rustici: Guitars, guitar solo, computer programming, effects
Stevie Ray Vaughan: Guitar solo
Polo Jones: Bass
Giorgio Francis: Drums
David Sancious: Keyboards
?Memphis Horns? : Wayne Jackson: Trumpet, Trombone - Andrew Love: Sax
Lisa Hunt: Backing vocals, Lead vocals at the end
Simona Pirone: Backing vocals
Ruby Wilson: Lead vocals at the end / Jay Blackfoot: Lead vocals at the end
Rosario Jermano: Olophonic Percussions
Ardent Gospel Choir

Produced and co-arranged by Corrado Rustici
Recorded by Gordon Lyon at Real World Studio, Bath - England (assisted by Richard Evans)
Mixed by Gordon Lyon at Olympic Sound Studios, London - England / Mastered by Tony Cousins at Town House Studio, London - England
Executive producer: Michele Torpedine
Johnny Hallyday appears courtesy of Mercury France * Mama Mia! A 14-year mystery has finally been solved. In 1990 the first SRV guitar transcription and tablature book was published (Lightnin' Blues 1983-1987). At the end of the book a discography listed Stevie appearing on a single by Adelmo Fonaciari (sic) titled "Madre Dolcissima" on the Polygram label in Italy in 1989. That set off years of research trying to obtain a copy of this SRV guest appearance. I discovered that the artist's name was misspelled (Fornaciari is correct) and that he went by the nickname "Sugar" ("Zucchero" in Italian). (Click here for photo of Zucchero and SRV) I was able to find a CD with "Madre Dolcissima" but there was no credit for SRV and I could not detect his guitar work in the music. Neither Zucchero's management or fan club was able to shed any light on the mystery, and after five years of searching, I concluded that the discography was erroneous, probably mistaking Clapton who does appear as a guest on the CD. In August 2004, a fan named Luciana Rzegocki emailed me about a Zucchero website purporting to show Stevie in a video clip with Zucchero, but the web clip was very grainy and I wasn't convinced it was Stevie. (See it at and click on Limited CD+DVD) Within a couple of days, new research revealed that Stevie had in fact recorded with Zucchero, but the version with Stevie's solo had never been released. Further confusing things, the original song "Madre Dolcissima" (sung in Italian) had now become "Mama" sung primarily in English. The song was released 17 May 2004 on "Zu and Co.," a collection of Zucchero's songs on which special guests appear (Sting, Miles Davis, Jeff Beck, John Lee Hooker, Sheryl Crow, Clapton, BB King, etc.). With help from Luciana, I discovered that "Mama" with SRV appears only on the bonus DVD (with brief glimpses of Stevie in the video) on the Italian limited edition version, and on a CD single; the German, British and all other versions are just the CD which does not have "Mama." The internet was full of places selling the CD-only version, but the CD+DVD version was released only in Italy (I'm guessing for copyright reasons). The only website I could find selling the Italian version was in Switzerland, but I couldn't read the German, French or Italian languages of the website. I emailed my friend Dieter in Switzerland and he ordered it for me. Sure enough, this is a different version from the 1989 release, and Stevie is in fact in the video and does a guitar solo near the end of the song. After five years listing this as "unconfirmed" and almost ten more years assuming it was an error, this track can now be added back to my SRV discography. Update: the video with Stevie now also appears on a Zuccero DVD "Live at The Royal Albert Hall" in the UK. I'm not sure if it's being sold in the US. Update: Italy released a new 3-disc version of Zu & Co on November 11. 2005. I haven't seen details yet of how much SRV content is there.
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