Jamie 3:26's take on Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s ‘Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)’.
Stream/Download: https://MFF.lnk.to/TwoSharpPencils

Queen and house music: not necessarily the most obvious of bedfellows, but Music For Freaks has never been a label to take the path most travelled. Over the course of their decades long journey the label founded by Luke Solomon and Justin Harris has released uniquely idiosyncratic dance music, establishing the label as a go-to imprint for those seeking imaginative, unpredictable records that still undeniably work on the dancefloor.

The result? One of the most unlikely and essential MFF records of 2017.

Their latest release might well be among the most out-there of them all.

Originally released back in 1984, ‘Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)’ is a record by Queen drummer Roger Taylor, featuring him on vocals as well as drums, bass & guitar. Now brought bang up to date via a fully official and endorsed remix from Chicago’s Jamie 3:26, who adds disco guitar licks and claps –as well as incorporating additional vocals –for his Punk Funk version.


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