Alice and her husband are the ultimate expression of spiritual music. Her husband's medium was jazz. But Alice was far more wordly. Uniting world spiritual thoughts she embraced a cosmic view of love, compassion and grace for the planet and the universe. Very few musicians achieve this level of instrumental expertise and channel it to a higher purpose. Alice will be forever my divine femenine musical inspiration. And I hope she becomes yours as well!

Eternity is a very diverse album, ranging from jazz, afro-latin descargas , hindu chants and classical music. Heres some comments by the artist herself on each of the songs:

1. Spiritual Eternal "..embraces the ancient soul of the inmmortal eternity. It also peacefully rests upon the everlasting wings of the Eternal Endlessness." (0:00)

2. Wisdom Eye "..brings a kind of reverie to me, in which I feel the whole of humanity existing in the light of knowledge and understanding. And I feel that if someday the spiritual eye of the world could become opened, mankind would see with Heaven's eyes, and it would know and express in its true kindness - wisdom - magnificence. (2:57)

3. Los Caballos " dedicated to all people who like horses. It reflects upon a horse's beauty and intelligence, and upon a few of its natural abilities; including it's walk, trot, jog, on up through the extended anter, and hand-gallop of the quarter horses and thorough-breds. It is also dedicated to all our horses: to Chico, Bart, Loose, Joker, Peepers, Leo and Camelot Diamond Coltrane. (6:03)

4. Om Supreme "Om is the sacred symbol of the Supreme Bhagavan - Bhagavan means Lord. Loka is a plane of existence, or sphere. There are many Lokas in creation. This music mentions only a few: Brahma Loka, Shiva Loka, Turiya Loka, Hiranyan Loka, Satya Loka, Paramahansa, Turiyananda, Sri Rama Loka. (17:11)

5. In this [Morning Worship], I am permitted to see Mother Kali, who is the primal energy, the primordial power of the Lord, in action, and to learn some things about their cosmic union. In the Reality, she stands and performs her terrible and compassionate, deadly and benevolent activities in creation upon the chest of her Lord, who is laid back, inert beneath her feet. (26:38)

6. Spring Rounds. "Stravinsky has once again wonderfully inspired me. The infinity sound of the eternity permeates his music. I am truly grateful to Stravinsky for his offerings, and for the sharing of his gifts with us: and for the channel through which he communicates to me from the other world." (29:59)

Alice Coltrane : Organ, Tambouras, Fender Rhodes, Harp, Tympani and Cymbals
Paul Hubinon & Oscar Brashear - Trumpet
Marilyn and Alan Robinson - French Horn
Hubert Laws - Flute
Jerome Richardson - Soprano Saxophone.
Ben Riley - Drums
Armando Peraza - Congas
Charlie Haden - Bass
Carlos Santana (a friend) - Timbales
Ed Michel - Wind Chimes
Jack Marsh - Bassoon
Jackie Kelso & Terry Harrington - Tenor Saxophone
Nathan Kaproff & Polly Sweeney - Violin
Pamela Goldsmith - Viola
Anne Goodman & Jackie Lustgarten - Cello

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