London's MN2S imprint release a previously unreleased Ralph Lawson remix of DJ Dove's 'Come On' in September.

Originally commissioned and released in 2000, the master was subsequently lost and digital copies have never been available, until now. After a house move, one of MN2S' founders came across an unmarked DAT containing the master so we're now treated to one of British house music's masters rare solo remixes in gleaming quality.

Punchy, soulful and gloriously deep, Lawson's remix of DJ Dove is truly timeless so it's easy to see why the label and Lawson himself would be elated at the prospect of a re-release. 12 years on, this is a brilliant record.

Ralph Lawson's 2020 remix of Dj Dove's 'Come One' is released mid-September 2012 on MN2S.


Electronic / House