I do not own the copyright to this recording. This video is for historical and educational purposes only.

Jack Bruce:Vocals & Bass

Alexis Korner:Guitar

Hal "Cornbread" Singer & Don Weller:Tenor Saxes

Colin Smith:Trumpet

John Picard:Trombone

George Green & Bob Hall:Pianos

Charlie Watts:Drums

Recorded at the Rotation Club Hanover, Germany November, 1979

Originally issued on and this recording taken from the 1981 album "Rocket 88" (Atlantic SD-19293) (LP)


Jazz / Rock / Blues / Jump Blues / Rock & Roll / Big Band / Piano Blues / Swing

Руки В Брюки (2)
Руки В Брюки

Count Basie Orchestra
I Told You So

На Перекрестках Весны

Smoking Songs

John Hammond
Spirituals To Swing (The Carnegie Hall Concerts Of 1938/39)

Walter Vaughn
Down On My Knees / Sally Pearl

Dicky Doo & The Don'ts
Madison And Other Dances

Sandy Nelson
Hocus Pocus


Lou And The Q

Mardi Gras BB

Cab Calloway
Hi De Ho Man