The Wizards were from Narvik, Norway.

The members were Terje Rönstad -- guitar, Jan-Harry Hope -- bass, Per-Reida Rognmo -- lead guitar, and Ivar Lunnemo -- drums.

From about 1963-4 they were mostly based in Sweden, but also toured in Denmark, Spain, and Germany (West and East). In 1966 they appeared on Norwegian TV together with Sony and Cher.

I first became aware of this track on a 1980s Pebbles compilation. Even on my initial hearing I recognized it as a classic. The Who influence is obvious, with its harmonies, coda, and Moonish drumming, though with its heavy beat it actually reminds me more of The Move, who were starting to record around this time.

After being included on various 1960s anthologies "See You Tonight" has garnered cult status among collectors. The folk-rock band Vetiver recorded a remake on their 2008 EP More Of The Past. In the words of Vetiver frontman Andy Cabic: "Perfectly doubled vocals and delightfully loose drumming ensure that I will love this song 4evah. "

(A big thank you to Wizards drummer IVAR LUNNEMO for graciously furnishing info about the band in a personal email)

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