From the 1990 Fontana album of the same name. Vocals by Sweat Pea Atkinson and Sir Harry Bowens, rap by G Love E.

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Rock / Funk / Soul

Dick Rivers
Mister Pitiful

Lucid Debate
Love Again

Jelly Planets
The Girl With 2 Heads

Messengers (11)
Children Of Tomorrow

R. D. Burman
Bundal Baaz

Billy Joe Royal
En Las Afueras = Down In The Boondocks / Te Conocía Cuando.... = I Knew You When...

The Gaslamp Killer
Vs Finders Keepers

The Peddlers
Honey Come Back

5000 Volts
(Walkin' On A) Love Cloud

Rodney & The Blazers
Warpaint / Oriental Nightmare

Tomas Ledin
Fasten Seatbelts

John Miles
Music / Poniendo Juntos Mi Nueva Cancion = Puting My New Song Together