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His 'La Guitarra' is a sun-splashed feel-good tune, 'Lover's Lane' comes along with a bitter-sweet melody and his 'So Long Radio' mingles arousing house, tricky electro and deep progressive. It goes without saying -- Scandinavian DJ and producer Ørjan Nilsen has always been Mr. Diversity. His catalog of releases benefits from countless influences and after having a listen you might ask yourself if there's anything left Ørjan hasn't tried yet. But we guarantee -- he's going to surprise you once again. This time with his latest smasher 'Shoutbox'.

A female vocal-line in the back, fat baselines topped by a euphoric melody which twists from house into a touch of uplifting, and all of this backed up with a deep atmosphere -- this is 'Shoutbox'! What first looks like an adventurous mix turns out to be a perfect balancing act of many styles, with floor-moving results.

On the flipside a true trancer is awaiting you. German sound-creator Matthias Baumann a.k.a. Cressida focuses on one style and delivers a captivating translation of 'Shoutbox'.


Electronic / Trance