I had to be the first to upload this! lol I've eagerly awaited the full version of this tune. It's gorgeous. I decided to choose a picture for it that somewhat reflected the song's colour. I believe there's something very ocean-blue about the sound in this one :) Despite the b-side being called "Pacific", I feel it's more appropriate in this song. I'm also hoping my buddy BlazingLight will upload "Pacific" and we can be even more like Trance Brothers or something :P Enjoy this one. I know I have (and will again :D) Thanks to Hungaryboy for finding the full song for me :)

Year: 2009
Other Mixes: none
Label: Anjunabeats

Image: http://www.zastavki.com/pictures/1280x1024/2008/Animals_Under_water_Dolphins_004699_.jpg


Electronic / Progressive Trance