Record from 1973, Side 1 - No digital modifications

Part of the union (Ford-Hudson) 1'40''
Singapore song (Les Humphries) 1'28''
Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree (Levine-Brown) 1'45''
You're so vain (Simon) 1'30''
It never rains in southern california (Hammond-Hazlewood) 1'42''
Guy on the loose (Les Humphries) 1'45''
Hello! Hello! I'm back again (Glitter-Leander) 1'25''
You must be jokin' (Les Humphries) 1'35''
Head it on down (Les Humphries) 1'45''
Carnival (Les Humphries) 1'45''
Square dance (Les Humphries) 1'45''
Kentucky dew (Les Humphries) 1'28''


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