South America, Take It Away (Rome) by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters, orchestra conducted by Vic Schoen

It was a million-selling disc for Bing and the Andrews gals, featuring a tune that Betty Garrett introduced onstage in the musical “Call Me Mister.” Another version of the song by Buddy Clark with the Xaver Cugat orchestra is also included here, as are the Bing Crosby hits “Symphony” “Sioux City Sue” “Aren’t You Glad You’re You” and “McNamara’s Band.”

THE 1946 HITS ARCHIVE - a collection of commercial recordings and songs that proved popular during the calendar year 1946 (some were recorded in 1945) via sales, sheet music, radio exposure, and juke box play.…plus some others that have gained increased recognition or have been shown to have had an impact during the decades that followed.

Jazz / Pop / Stage & Screen / Vocal / Swing

Ella Fitzgerald
Sings The George And Ira Gershwin Song Book Vol. 4

Ella Fitzgerald
Sings The George & Ira Gershwin Song Book Vol. 5

Paul Anka
Rock Swings

Gordon Jenkins
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles / You're Mine, You!

The Andrews Sisters
I Don't Know Why / Azusa

The Mills Brothers
Thirsty For Your Kisses / Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)

Sarah Vaughan
Sings George Gershwin

The Commanders
Birmin'ham / The Dixie Flyer

Jane Powell
I Have You To Thank

Il Peut Pleuvoir (Sur Les Trottoirs) / Ou, Ou, Ou ? (Who, Who, Who)

Robbie Williams
I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen / Mr. Bojangles

François De Roubaix
L'Homme Orchestre (Bande Originale Du Film)