Roy Budd's distinctive score for Get Carter has become one of the most iconic and revered in cinema history. Recorded on a tiny budget, this evocative music continues to inspire musicians worldwide. Features classic dialogue moments from the film.

1 Intro 0:36
2 Dialogue "Is There A Mr. Carter In The Room?" 0:17
3 Main Theme - Carter Takes A Train 2:58
4 Dialogue "Do You Know A Man Called Albert Swift?" 0:36
5 Looking For Someone 2:32
6 Dialogue - The Race Track 1:30
7 Something On My Mind 4:14
8 Dialogue "Who Killed Frank?" 0:51
9 Getting Nowhere In A Hurry 3:09
10 Dialogue "Tell Me About The Girl" 1:03
11 The Girl In The Car 2:25
12 Dialogue "I Fancy You" 2:14
13 Love Is A Four Letter Word 2:40
14 Dialogue "You're Lucky, They Kill As Well" 0:58
15 Livin' Should Be This Way 3:16
16 Dialogue "All It Takes Is One Call To The Police" 0:18
17 Manhunt 2:53
18 Dialogue "Drink Up, Eric" 1:20
19 Goodbye Eric! 0:48
20 Dialogue "I Want You To Listen Carefully" 0:06
21 Hallucinations 4:30
22 Dialogue "You're A Big Man But You're In Bad Shape" 0:41
23 Plaything 2:32
24 Dialogue "Stay Away From The Car Or I'll Blow You Apart" 0:10
25 Goodbye Carter! 3:39
26 Dialogue "Talk Or I'll Kill You" 0:06
27 Hallucinations [Instrumental] 4:23
28 Getting Nowhere In A Hurry [Instrumental] 3:10


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