Barry Adamson - Delusion (O.S.T.)
(Mute Records) [1991]

1 Delusion
2 Crossin The Line
3 Il Soltario
4 Patti's Theme
5 A Settlin' Kinda Scam
6 Fish Face
7 Go Johnny
8 The Life We Leave Behind
9 An Amendment
10 La Cucaracha
11 Diamonds
12 George's Downfall
13 Got To Bet To Win
14 The Track With No Name
15 Patti's Theme (Two Stage Variation)
16 Death Valley Junction
17 These Boots Are Made For Walking


Electronic / Jazz / Rock / Funk / Soul / Non-Music / Stage & Screen / Latin / Spoken Word / Soundtrack / Future Jazz / Acoustic / Abstract

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