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1967. 1st track of The Blues Is Now. Composed in 1943 by Lucky Millinder, Henri Woode and Al J. Neiburg.

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Jazz / Blues

Un Día En Otra VíDA

Forever Hammer

David Bromberg Band
Bandit In A Bathing Suit

Bessie Smith
Cake Walking Babies / Young Woman's Blues

Bessie Smith
Trombone Cholly / Yellow Dog Blues

Bessie Smith
Haunted House Blues / Eavesdropper's Blues

Lorez Alexandria
This Is Lorez (No. 2)

Gianluca Mosole

Pinetop Seven
Pinetop Seven

Blues Incorporated
Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated

Sarah Vaughan
In The Land Of Hi-Fi

Curtis Stigers
Brighter Days