The full Cokie the Clown EP, with Lyrics. Because why not? NOFX released this album back in 2009 right after Coaster. Pick it up if you want to. Apparently NOFX is also releasing an album later on this year.

I don't own NOFX, any of the songs on this album, the album itself, or the album art. I'm uploading this for entertainment purposes.

Cokie the Clown(0:00)
Straight Outta Massachusetts(2:26)
Fermented and Flailing(3:42)
Codependence Day(6:23)
My Orphan Year Acoustic(7:54)

--(Cokie the Clown)--

All the way from Palm Springs, just out of detox.
Show him a warm welcome, let's get some applause.

Greetings all, hello. Welcome to my show.
I'm sure you'll have fun watching me juggle
8 balls at one time, I'm no fucking mime.
I play practical jokes, this squirting flower.
That wasn't flour that blew up your nose.
It's my special blend of Ex, Coke and K.
You should be okay in several hours.

He's got oversized shoes, and ill fitting clothes.
That is real blood dripping from his fake red nose.

I'm Cokie the Clown.
I will drag you down those 12 giant steps.
I brought you all presents.
Against good judgement, but being a good host.
You all have been dosed, the kettle corns been laced.
The punch has been lined you're having a great time,
But you might not recall from the heminol
In the lemonade, Cokie homemade...

He's the happiest clown with the biggest frown.
He's Cokie the Clown

--(Straight Outta Massachusetts)---

I moved from Massachusetts, 'cause I couldn't be controlled
I moved from Massachusetts, 'cause it was fuckin' cold
I moved from Massachusetts, 'cause I wanted to ten-fold
I moved from Massachusetts, because my house got sold

Straight outta Massachusetts (x2)

I moved to California, 'cause I heard it was the place to be
I moved to California, to the San Fernando Valley
I moved there with my mother, 'cause I couldn't afford the rent
I moved to California, they thought I had a speech impediment

Straight outta Massachusetts (x4)

I moved from Massachusetts, 'cause I couldn't be controlled
I moved from Massachusetts, 'cause it was fuckin' cold
I moved from Massachusetts, 'cause I did what I was told
I moved from Massachusetts, when I was five years old

--(Fermented and Flailing)--

This is not a test, not true, this kind of is a test of our endurance
There's really no one left to place the blame on and hang in effigy
This was not ruined by a regime, it also took a hundred million
Of angry, stupid, scared, pathetic populace to complete the deed

And it's a long, long way down
And there's no climbing back so wave bye bye
And it's a long, long free dive
So fill your lungs with air and grab a weight
It's been a long time coming and well deserved

It's time to redefine what we call neighborhoods and start to trust your neighbors
Circle the figurative wagons and figure it's gonna be
A long painful de-evolution that could last for decades
America as we know it, is finished, fermenting and flailing

And it's a long, long way down
The parachutes are gone so grab a smoke
And it's a long, long free fall
No signs of soft landing bon grave voyage
It's been a long time coming and well deserved

--(Codependence Day)--

I haven't got anymore excuses
We've gone way past alcohol abuses
It's too late
We gotta celebrate co dependence day

Self-caused affliction
Magnified with chemical addiction
We got a date
We gotta celebrate co dependence day

Veteran role-player
You're the addict done with the enabler
You wanna play?
Let's make every day co dependence

See some doves
It gets clearer
That it's just like looking in a mirror
Celebrate our disarray on co dependence day

With fireworks and power lines
I turn to mount
Red feathered minds
January first through New Year's Eve
We seem to spend

--(My Orphan Year Acoustic)--

My father had dementia
He lied in bed for months
Once in a while he'd call me
And ask me to fly down
I told him that I'd love to
But I had things to do
And so he died without his son
I heard about it drunk after a show

My mother battled cancer
For over seven years
I nursed her and I held her
When time was running out
The night before she left me
I drank scotch all night
And thanked her for everything she'd done
Raising me alone wasn't much fun

Dad I can forgive you,
but I'll never forget,
Months I wouldn't see you and when I did
You'd be out with your friends all night
Alone and only nine
I watched the outer limits
And scared out of my mind
I wonder if you felt the same
The days before you died
I wonder if you even knew
Why I wouldn't come around
I bet if you had been there,
There wouldn't be this song

2006 goodbye parents
For once I am sincere
2006 my orphan year


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