I couldnt find this on youtube, except for a 27 min video of it, so I decided to upload the full version.

RIP Jason, Bomer and Derrick.

Drop a dose with the Rich Kidz On LSD in this brand spankin' new DVD from Seirsure Bucket Productions. This is the first and only video chronicling over a decade of ridiculous antics, live shows, cancelled tours, flakiness, and substance abuse. See why those lazy, irresponsible, neuron-gnashing no goodniks never made it to your town. This contains 74 minutes of video and 79 minutes of never released audio tracks including a brand new R.K.L. song entitled “Don’t Take Us”. Each song (25 in all) has a special screen that appears with a collection of band photo’s, sticker’s, cartoons, and more. Truly one of the most underrated bands of all time is now on available on DVD!

All rights reserved to RKL and Seirsure Bucket Productions.

RKL - Still Flailing After All These Beers [Full Movie]


Rock / Hardcore / Punk

The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP

Kids Insane
All Over

Ugly Americans
Who's Been Sleeping... In My Bed

Head Of David
Soul Spark

Straight Faced

A Dutch Feast...The Complete Works Of Balthasar Gerards Kommando

Big Boys (2)
No Matter How Long The Line Is At The Cafeteria, Theres Always A Seat!

Child Meadow
It Hurts

Hüsker Dü
Eight Miles High


Feedback Is Payback