1st track of "Onze Danses Pour Combattre la Migraine" (English: Eleven Dances for Fighting Migraines) which is the debut album by Belgian avant-rock band Aksak Maboul. It was largely the work of one of the band's co-founders, Marc Hollander and was credited to Marc Hollander/Aksak Maboul. It was released on LP in 1977 on a Belgian independent record label, Kamikaze Records, and later re-released twice on Hollander's own Crammed Discs label: on LP in 1981, and on CD in 2003.


Jazz / Rock / Free Jazz / Art Rock / Contemporary Jazz / Prog Rock

Cthulhu Rise
The Second One

Hiatus (4)

Henry Cow
The Henry Cow Legend

The Bombo Tour

A.L. Guillén

Phil Manzanera
Guitarissimo 75 - 82

Kiss My Jazz
In Doc's Place Friday Evening

Nick Mason
Unattended Luggage

Premiata Forneria Marconi
Storia Di Un Minuto

Patrick Moraz
The Story Of I

Prism (9)
Community Illusion