Four or Five Times -- Bechet -Spanier Big Four 1940
Since the beginning of my involvement in jazz the fabulous Spanier-Bechet Big Four have always been part of my collection and I consider these very valuable jazz treasures. In two recording sessions in the spring of 1940 a total of 8 different tunes were recorded. Muggsy Spanier trumpet,, Sidney Bechet soprano sax, Carmen Mastren guitar and Wellman Braud bass


Jazz / Dixieland

Van Dyke Parks
Discover America

Henry "Red" Allen
Jazz At The Metronome Cafe

Kenyon Hopkins
East Side / West Side

Louis Jordan
Pinetop's Boogie Woogie / Saxa-Woogie

Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby Meets Louis Armstrong

Blå Måndag Jazzband
Blå Måndags "Greatest" - Opsamling 1993-2004

Billie & De De Pierce
Jazz At Preservation Hall 2

Dean Martin
Choo'n Gum / Muskrat Ramble

Jabbo Smith
The Ace Of Rhythm 1929

Louis Armstrong
Ken Burns Jazz

Louis Armstrong
Blueberry Hill

The Village Stompers
One More Time