Released 1979
Persian Love is a single off of Holger Czukay's first post-CAN solo recording, Movies. The song has sort of been canonized as a milestone in the evolution of sampling technique/application and it is often suggested that it is directly from Czukay, perhaps even specifically Persian Love, that Brian Eno picked up his tape splicing/"third world" sampling ideas from (although it's often suggest that Brian Eno stole all of his ideas), most evident in his collaboration with David Byrne on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, an equally clumsy early attempt at mysterioso ethnic sampling. Persian Love uses several samples Czukay recorded off of a short-wave radio tuned to Iran, the first of which I am pretty sure is Iraj.

Holger Czukay - guitar, keyboards, synthesiser, short waves, bass, french horn
Jaki Liebezeit - drums, congas


Electronic / Rock / Non-Music / Pop / Krautrock / Comedy / Avantgarde / Disco

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