In 1996 Maxy Jazz released "Original Groovejuice". This is the first of twelve classic tracks. 100% Recomended


Electronic / Hip Hop / Breaks / Acid Jazz

Beats International
Excursion On The Version

DJ Cam
The French Connection (A Continuous Mix Featuring The Sounds Of Artefact)

Mix Master Mike
Anti-Theft Device

King Bee
Must Bee The Music

Dred Foxx
Gettin' Down Wit Da Verbs & Nouns

Torpedo Boyz
Back To The Beatz!

Ghetto Funk Presents Stickybuds

Absorbed / GM Sukka

Run For Your Life (From The Original Motion Picture Tomb Raider)

John Foxx
Your Dress / Pop Goes My Love / (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew

Malcolm McLaren
Would Ya Like More Scratchin

Tom Middleton
The Sound Of The Cosmos