TheVRP Archives - Original Vinyl Pressing - "Artie Shaw ‎– Re-creates His Great '38 Band" - Capitol Records - 1968 - ST 2992
Newly Restored and Processed for Maximum Musical Integrity
Restored and Remastered using Adobe Audition, Izotope RX 7 Advanced & Ozone 8
From the Archive Series, "Just How Good Can Vinyl Sound?"

What a wonderfully recorded album by the Capitol engineers(Bob Arnold) in 1968 in their NYC studios. And it is nice to be able to hear what Shaw's Big Band arrangements sounded like in 1938 but recorded with advanced sound-engineering just thirty years later. Amazing how advanced recorded sound had become by then.

Please note that my 'Remasters' are professionally done and use clean, original 1st Edition vinyl pressings as the source audio material. I strive for replicating the authenticity of the sound as closely as possible and as originally intended and mastered by the cutting engineer for vinyl. It is not meant to compete with and/or 'achieve a better sound' than the studio version but rather to present an 'alternative listen' using a source that is known for perfectly replicating the sound attributes of the master tape. If the master tape contains audio distortions and/or the cutting engineer introduced audio distortions when mastering for vinyl, then my 'Remasters' will also many times exhibit those 'flaws' particularly if restoration is deemed to be detrimental to the original intent.

A perfect example, therefore, is my Remaster of "How Can I Leave Her" ( You will hear some high frequency distortions at times with the vocals that is known to be inherent in the original master for vinyl. I chose not to notch filter these in order to preserve the original vocals as they were cut by the engineer. These are discretionary decisions that I make at times as I work to replicate as perfectly as possible the fullness of the sound and its fullest potential for impact as found in the record groove.

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