Written by Paul on his alck of inspiration, it is absed on how he feared his music was not as popular and that he couldn't pleas ehis own "customers". So, let's "Try to keep the customer satisfied". I always love that the boys sing that line, "Word i never ehard in the bible". How ironic that two Jewish kids from Queens would sing so mcuh about Bibles, Gospels and Jesus.


Rock / Pop / Folk Rock / Pop Rock / Soft Rock

Cat Stevens
I Love My Dog

Mary Chapin Carpenter
Stones In The Road

Seals & Crofts
The Seals & Crofts Collection

Karen Jo Fields
Embrace Me

Piet Veerman
Follow Me

Take That
The Circus

The Madcaps
Made In Austria

Take That
Beautiful World

Umberto Tozzi
Gli Altri Siamo Noi

Brent Brown (3)
Dreams & Drugs