Theme Song (opening titles) - clip from the opening titles of Les Idoles.

Another clip from "Les Idoles," made in 1968, about the rise, malaise and fall of three French pop and rock 'n' roll -- otherwise known as "yé-yé" -- stars, (The Idols), and the madness they are propelled towards by themselves and those with a vested interest in their pop success.

Originally performed as a play in 1966 by the same cast members here, who all then went on to greater prominent roles in films by Buñuel, Bertolucci, Pasolini, Godard, Rivette (Ogier frequently), Chabrol, Fassbinder, Téchine, schroeter, Assayas, Lelouch, Garrel, Duras, Makavejev, Rocha, Costa-Gavras, Jancsó, Ruiz, de Oliveira, and Alain Tanner.


Rock / Pop / Stage & Screen / Garage Rock / Musical / Chanson / Avantgarde / Psychedelic Rock

Joe Dassin
Little Italy

Nino Ferrer
On Dirait Le Sud

Jean-Pierre Kalfon
My Friend, Mon Ami

Michel Sardou
Les Beatnicks

Antoine (2)
Antoine Retrouve Les Problèmes

I Camaleonti
Viso D'Angelo

Joe Dassin
A Mon Fils

Les Hamsters
Flower Power / Je Ne Sais Quoi Penser

Robert Arcand
Fais L'Amour Et Non La Guerre

Paul Louka
Le Printemps de Prague

Zoo (4)
Hard Times, Good Times / Solo Un Uomo (Rien Qu'un Homme)