Director - Michael Reisinger
Woman - Alina Lee
Cult Leader - Alan Sutherland

Modeler - Hiroto Ikeuchi

Director of Photography - Jeremy M Lundborg

Editor - Michael Reisinger
Visual Effects - Aaron Sjogren, Michael Reisinger
Assistant Editor - Sierra Swan
Sound - Philip Ryan

Producers - Michael Reisinger, Jackie An
Production Designer - Jackie An
Set Decorator - Cheyanne Burens
Hair & Makeup - Katherine Dawson
Technical Props - Alex Borton
Technical Consultants - Frank Arana, Peter Greko
Assistant Camera - Catalina Rodriguez, Lise Bengson
Gaffer - Rose Shirley
Photographer - Michael Beck
Craft Services - Briana Borton

Special Thanks - Kurara Fukami, Michiko Seita, Erin Erickson, Pacific Bonsai Museum, Victory Studios, Pacific Grip & Lighting

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Electronic / IDM / Synth-pop

Ermitaño Band
What A Brainless World

Broken Spindles
Broken Spindles


Anthems For The Underachievers

Spike Jonze
The Work Of Directors Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry

Schwingstelle Für Rauschabzug

Depth Affect
Draft Battle

Vorausschauende Bebauung

Touch the Skies

Com Truise
Komputer Cast (Ghostly Edition)