The Prison Aires was an African-American blues group that in 1953 had success with the single " Just Walkin 'in the Rain . " The band members were at that time in prison , the Tennessee State Penitentiary in Nashville

The Prison Aires were led by Johnny Bragg. He sat since 1943 in prison after he was sixteen years old rape was sentenced. The Prison Aires came when Bragg joined Ed Thurman and William Stewart, two gospel singers who were both up to 99 years in prison convicted of murder . Furthermore played John Drue (three years due to theft ), and Marcell Sanders (convicted of manslaughter ) along.

The group was discovered by radio producer Joe Calloway, who heard singing as he prepared for a news from jail them. On the initiative of Calloway group in one of the broadcasts occurred and thus drew the attention of Sam Phillips of Sun Records . Frank G. Clement , the governor of Tennessee , was a big fan of their music and gave the group leave with to be included in the Phillips Music Sun Studio . [1] A few weeks later, the single "Just Walkin 'in the Rain" was released and soon 50,000 pieces were sold here.

The song was in the late fifties by Johnnie Ray recorded. This version reached the top spot in the UK Singles Chart and became a big hit .

Johnny Bragg came in 1959 released and continued his musical career. outside prison In 2004 , he died of cancer . William Stewart died of an overdose in 1959 at a motel in Florida . Marcel Sanders died in the late sixties . Ed Thurman crashed in 1973 and John Drue got cancer and died in 1977 .


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