LAMA is Punkband from Helsinki, Finland. Lama was first put together by Epe and Eno back in '77 but as they really didn't know how to play it didn't last for long. The second attempt, in the summer of '79 was more successful with Charlie on guitar and first Hippo, then Jere on drums. The bands first and last album (titled simply "Lama") came out in May '82. Lama recorded three singles " Totuus löytyy kaurapuurosta", "Nimetön" and "Ajatuksen loppu" and the ep "Väliaikainen". The bands last gig took place at Lepakko in December '82. It was recorded but the tapes were never released, save for a few seconds that appeared on the singles collection "Ja mikään ei muuttunut". Lama hasn't really returned but for short visits like in Puntala-rock 2005.

For entertainment purposes only. I do not own LAMA. enjoy punk music!


Rock / Punk