HANSA RECORD 14 353 AT Germany1969 - Original US Cobblestone CB 745 -


Rock / Garage Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Beat

Nanette Workman
Flying Machine / You're Wasting Your Time

The Living Daylights (4)
Let's Live For Today

The Wild Ones (2)
愛するアニタ = Anita / 幸せの道 = Shiawase-No-Michi

Los Beat 4
Dame Un Bananino

Los Speakers
Tuercas, Tornillos Y Alicates

The Rolling Stones
Pequeña Ayuda A Mama / Lady Jane

Magic Lanterns
Knight In Rusty Armour

The Living Daylights (4)
Baila Maria / Let's Live For Today

The Litter

Chris Craft No. 9 / Time

The Woolly Bandits
Say Hello To My Little Friends...

The Knacks
Carta al Amigo Perdido/ Algas y Veneno