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"We are proud to have discovered a new artist for Traum who will boost the cinematic and electronic side of the label. The debut sees a sound evolving with Thomas Bjerring that is emotionally deep to the heart, masterfully produced and unique. The a-side Stratus moves like fog over woods and landscapes. It is rich and mighty in texture but light as well. It is somehow detached and at the same time very touching a master piece of techno. One could say this is the Scandinavian ghost of early Detroit techno soul but what does this lead us to. Listen to the magic of this epic which is over faster than youd think and if you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of the pride and the sadness which live in this track side by side."


Electronic / Techno / Dub Techno / Tech House

Carl Craig
Masterpiece: Created By Carl Craig

Sascha Dive
Werewolf In The Woods

Martin H

Blake C.

Roberto (23)
Logical Progression EP

Claus Bachor
Greencard - Re-Interpretations

Steve Bug
In The Mix - Green & Blue

Re: Serieculture

OCP (2)
Assorted Tracks

Jeff Bennett