A lovely bit of cinematic & soulful jazz from UK saxophonist Chris Bowden from him debut album "Time Capsule" which, in my opinion, set the stage for the cinematic works of artist like 4hero, Cinematic Orchestra & Heritage Orchestra, all of which he's played for.


Electronic / Abstract / Future Jazz / Experimental

Tied & Tickled Trio
Tied + Tickled Trio

Exquisite Corpse

Four Tet
A Joy

Kammerflimmer Kollektief
Remixed Part 2

Sonic Youth
TV Shit

Four Tet

One In An Infinity Of Ways

Mike Flowers Pops
The Freebase Connection

Optimo (2)
Sleepwalk: A Selection By Optimo (Espacio)

The Black Dog
Two For The Price Of One

Jamie Lidell
Muddlin Gear

Black Lung
The Great Architect