Il Dio sotto la pelle (God under the skin)
Directed by: Folco Quilici
Music by: Piero Piccioni
Italy 1972

This scriptless documentary made by Folco Quilici in 1972
was a day by day journey in search of primitives societies, the
alternative to the big economical and industrial systems, the
return to a relationship with Mother Nature.
The industrial and technological revolutions, supposed to be
opening the doors an happy anf never ending progress to
humankind, are now a menace to our survival, and this
documentary shows us the different way of living of primitive

This documentary presented the ecological problem in a
different dimension, by seeking a new way of being in primitive
societies, from Amazon to the Zen
The big question that pushed Quilici on this path, was to know
if the frenzy in searching something always more satisfying,
would turn out to be an enormous mistake that would eventually
deviate humanity?
The answer, which proves that hapiness is to be found inside
ourselves, was given by an old Japanese fisherman, whom
Folco Quilici met in the Ise-Shima
island: 'whoever looks for salvation far away follows an illusion:
the truth has to be sought in the things which are around us,
since truth, salvation and God are under our skin'.
What is bound to happen to humankind has been well
represented by the crude images of the mass suicide of
lemmings, red rodents that every 4 or 5 years
run from Scandinavia to the Baltic Sea and kill themselves by
Will man be able to stop in time or will he keep running
towards a planetary mass suicide?

01 - It's Possible 0:00
02 - Nights To Come 4:56
03 - Give Love A Chance 7:54
04 - No Return Point 11:21
05 - Katmandu 13:45
06 - Katmandu 15:01
07 - No Turning Point 19:20
08 - Love Will Find The Way 22:07
09 - A Starless Sky 24:45
10 - Give Love A Chance 27:31
11 - Far East Dimensions 30:45
12 - Inventions 33:24
13 - Inventions 35:12
14 - It's Possible 38:14
15 - Let's Dream Anyhow 39:53
16 - Love Will Find A Way 41:40
17 - St. Francis In Katmandu 44:32
18 - New Ways To Live 48:10
19 - It's Possible Again 50:08
20 - St. Francis In Katmandu 53:11


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Roy Budd
Get Carter (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Piero Umiliani
La Ragazza Fuori Strada (Original Soundtrack)

Alberto Baldan Bembo
The Smart Set

Piero Umiliani
Studio Umiliani

Nico Fidenco
La Ragazzina - Colonna Sonora Originale

Bruno Nicolai
Femmine Insaziabili (Original Soundtrack)

G.Rag Y Los Hermanos Patchekos
Musik Für München 7

Lalo Schifrin
Most Wanted 1968-1979

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Signor Cipriani Tempo - Flight 001 (Musiche Di Stelvio Cipriani - Colonne Sonore Originali Dei Film)

Francis Lai
Vivir Por Vivir

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100% Cotton - The Complete Jerry Cotton Edition (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)

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Delphine (Bande Originale Du Film)