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???? Private group of rippers and diggers sharing unavailable lossless ???? nuggets ????.
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Here we request things we want ???? , share things we have ????, recommend things we love ????.
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©️ Knobs & Faders ????

Here we talk about ripping techniques ⚙️, analog and digital equipment, turntables, headphones, software and more ????
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©️ Digital Giraffe ????

Channel offering off radar vinyl deals and daily Discogs offers overview ????????????
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Jazz / Pop / Stage & Screen / Bossa Nova / Soundtrack

Guido And Maurizio De Angelis
Le Colonne Sonore Di Guido E Maurizio De Angelis

Ennio Morricone
Malamondo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Burl Ives
Original Sound Track And Music From Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Doris Day
I May Be Wrong / The Very Thought Of You

Armando Trovaioli
Mogliamante (Original Soundtrack)

Bruno Nicolai
Femmine Insaziabili (Original Soundtrack)

Louis Armstrong
What A Wonderful World / Game Of Love

Pino Calvi
La Feccia - The Revengers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Martin Böttcher
Sound Kaleidoscope

Franco Micalizzi
L'Ultima Neve Di Primavera / L'Albero Dalle Foglie Rosa

Shirley Bassey
Una Cascata Di Diamanti (Tema Dal Film)

Piero Umiliani
La Ragazza Fuori Strada (Original Soundtrack)