Fantastic Plastic Machine / 05. Paragon2 [performed by Fantastic Plastic Machine]
(2001.9.27 in stores ""contact"")

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01. City Lights [performed by Fantastic Plastic Machine]
02. Beautiful Days (TAKU'S GARAGE MIX) [remixed by TAKU (m-flo)]
03. Whistle Song (Sunaga 't Experience Remix) [remixed by Sunaga 't Experience]
04. God Save The Mona Lisa [performed by Roberto Menescal&Carlos Lyra]
05. Paragon2 [performed by Fantastic Plastic Machine]
06. Black Da Da (江戸前mix) [performed by RIP SLYME]
07. Love Is Psychedelic (Full Spoken Mix) [remixed by Bob Sinclar]
08. I'm Still A Simple Man [performed by Hirth Martinez]
09. Todos Os Desejos ~欲望のすべて~ (King Britt's Scuba Mix) [remixed by King Britt]
10 すべてをゆらして (On A Chair) [featuring vocal Kahimi Karie]
11 Whistle Song (Grant Nelson Club mix) [remixed by Grant Nelson]
12 Beautiful Days (Female Vocal Version) [featuring vocal Yoshie Nakano (EGO-WRAPPIN')]

Art Direction: groovision + Tomoyuki Tanaka (Fantastic Plastic Machine)
Design: groovisions
Photographer: Yoshiyuki Hata

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Electronic / House / Jazzdance

Ballistic Brothers
Marching On

It's Gonna Be Right

Stand By Me

Anthem #4 (Marvin & Cerla Remixes)

The Only One

Light Of The World
One Destination

Nu Rhythmix
Babylon (Into A Groove)

Miguel Picasso
What Makes The World Go Round

Air Liquide
So Much Love

Hard Hop Heathen
Hard Hop Ree Bop

Sieg Über Die Sonne
You'll Never Come Back