A full two years after they dumped their R&B roots and crashed the UK Top Ten with the quasi-psych 'Kites',Simon Dupree and The Big Sound led by the Shulman brothers Ray and Phil released their final single.
Good single - No Fanfare - No Airplay - No Sales......
By year end the Shulmans had disbanded the group and formed Gentle Giant.


Rock / Pop / Pop Rock / Psychedelic Rock

Choc (6)
I Want You To Be My Girl / Way Of Life

Leonardo Favio
Fuiste Mia Un Verano

Zoot (2)
Zoot Out + The Gamba Sessions

Fuzzy Bunnies
Lemons And Limes / The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

Gordon Haskell
Hambledon Hill

Chad & Jeremy
The Ark

The Fortunes
Fire Brigade

Kashmir Karma

Arik Einstein
Capricorn = מזל גדי

Episode Six
Love, Hate, Revenge

Reggie Verghese
Reg Guitar

Cat Stevens
I Love My Dog