Continuing with saga of America's most gifted, and underrated jazz vocalists—this particular artist takes the cake—not meaning the particular term in a negative connotation, but it's such a pity that a remarkable songstress—the incomparable, Lorez Alexandria is not afforded the recognition that she so deserves. This is proven true, given the fact that I recently discovered her albums—and I just haven't had my fill. I've searched and purchased everything I could find from such a gifted songstress. Lorez crafts each lyric with such grace and tonality that could easily match (if not surpass) the reigning jazz stylists of the bop/jazz/pop age. She gives each standard a new sense of evocative meaning as far as lyrics are concerned, and reinvents the wheel each time she unleashes her enthralling voice. As she once said "A lyric is dead, until you breathe life into it." This is exactly what she does. Enjoy and listen in HD, to the lovely—Lorez Alexandria. All right(s) to 1957 King Records, Inc


Jazz / Blues

Red Norvo
Red Plays The Blues

Leon Thomas
The Legend

Nina Simone
Pastel Blues

Nashville Tears: The Songs Of Hugh Prestwood

Della Reese
The Story Of The Blues

Bill Black's Combo
Tequila / Raunchy

Lou Rawls
Vivo - Vol. 1

Brian Auger
Back To The Beginning...Again: The Brian Auger Anthology Volume 2

Earl Grant
Fever / Malaguena

Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra
Wunderland Bei Nacht / Dreaming The Blues

Lung Punch Fantasy

Руки В Брюки (2)
Руки В Брюки