Full 13 minutes explicit version of Gorillaz - DoYaThing Feat. James Murphy & Andre 3000

Andre 3000 vocals recorded in one take

Do Ya Thing!
#Gorillaz http://goo.gl/oKu3n

"I don't even have to sing in key!"
you ain't Willie B
"That [long version] was the fun part," Murphy explained. "When André started singing, Damon and I just looked at each other, like, 'Holy shit, we love his voice.' Then Damon sang, and his voice is amazing, too. We'd been working and playing keyboards in the little studio room and, in a weird way, you could forget that Damon has this really distinct voice that's like a part of your history."

Pitchfork: André's vocals on the 12-minute version sound really spontaneous, was that a one-take deal?
Damon Albarn: Yeah, you don't repeat that. I was inspired by him, and my opening was a one-take as well. The only problem is I'm not as good at ad-libbing, in the sense of it making sense, so mine's a bit more in tongues.

unofficial video 13 minute; explicit extended:

#Gorillaz http://goo.gl/oKu3n
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James Murphy - https://twitter.com/lcdsoundsystem
Andre 3000 - http://www.outkast.com/andre-3000

Outkast reunited for Coachella 2014
LCD Soundsystem reunited for Coachella 2016

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