Do You Wanna Get Funky, Freestylers Fresh Mix Up, from the ultra rare Freestylers' B Boy Breakers 12" Test Press
Released by Freskanova ‎in 1997 (FNT01)
No Copyright Infringement Intended, if you are the holder of this song please let me know if you would like for me to take it down.


Electronic / Hip Hop / Breaks

Big Audio Dynamite
Sightsee M.C.!

Pay The Rent

Krafty Kuts
Krafty Kuts Presents... Finger Lickin' Funk Vol. 1

Absorbed / GM Sukka

Mark B
Underworld Connection

B Boys Revenge

Maxi Jazz
Original Groovejuice

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Stereo MC's

Krafty Kuts
Back To Mine

Roxanne Shanté
Go On Girl