Melidian - Ready To Rock OFFICIAL video clip with HD quality and lyrics included!!
One of the best songs that came out from the masterpiece "Lost In The Wild" album issued in 1989 by CBS.

Where you going honey?
C'mon stay for a while
I hear you got no money
But you got a big-time smile

Your mama's got a boyfriend
Your daddy's out on the strip
So you got yourself some fast lines
And a body that just won't quit

I know you're ready
Ready to rock on
You're ready,ready to rock on
Ready to rock on the world

I know you're ready,ready to rock

You're running too fast child
You're always out on the street
I hear you like it hot and loud
But you give it up so sweet

You're older than your years show
And honey you can't wait
You jump the gun,you want it all
I know you're tempting the hands of fate


I see the look in your eyes
And honey i know you've been hurt
And all the tears that you cried
When everybody said you were dirt

Ready,ready to rock on
Ready,ready to rock on
I can see it coming,
Ready to rock on




Rock / AOR / Arena Rock / Hard Rock