Cornet = Bix Beiderbecke
Trombone = Bill Rank
Clarinet = Don Murray
Bass sax = Adrian Rollini
Piano = Frank Signorelli
Drums = Chauncey Morehouse

"The Jazz Me Blues" (usually called "Jazz Me Blues") is played by Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang on OKeh 40923, recorded on October 5, 1927. It is not a blues.

Bix's Gang here has Bix on cornet, Bill Rank on trombone, Don Murray on clarinet, Adrian Rollini on bass sax, Frank Signorelli on piano, and Chauncey Morehouse on drums.

This is one of my favorite Bix recordings.

"Jazz Me Blues" was popularized several years earlier by the ODJB. At the piano during this Bix session is Frank Signorelli, who had once been an ODJB member (though not the original piano player).

By including this tune at the recording session, Bix pays homage to his roots! He undoubtedly learned much as a kid listening as the ODJB Victor disc was spinning on a Victrola at home. He likewise pays tribute to the ODJB with his recordings of "Royal Garden Blues" and "At The Jazz Band Ball," cut during the same October 5 session.

Is Bix here paying tribute to his ODJB roots or to his Wolverines roots? Bix had earlier recorded the song when his fellow musicians were Al Gandee, Jimmy Hartwell, George Johnson, Dick Voynow, Bob Gillette, Min Leibrook, and Vic Moore. These young men were adequate musicans--Bix was the genius among the Wolverines players. But at the session of October 5, 1927, Bix was surrounded by far superior musicians than the Wolverines musicians.


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