a1's performance during their Make It Good Album Promo Tour in Thailand. No Copyright Infringement intended. Copyright 2003 Sony Music Asia
1) Make It Good
2) Same Old Brand New You
3) When I'm Missing You
4) Learn To Fly
5) One More Try
6) Living The Dream
7) Caught In The Middle


Electronic / Rock / Pop / Ballad

Leo Sayer
Unchained Melody

Ami Suzuki
リトル クリスタル

Jean-Louis Murat

女生宿舍 = Ni Sen Su Se

Electric Cabaret

David Campbell (3)
Let's Go = 重回80

The Joy Of Sing-Sing

Robo Grigorov
Complete Of

Lana Del Rey
Honeymoon = 蜜月旅行

Lady Gaga
The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden

Belinda Carlisle
Always Breaking My Heart

Alejandra Guzmán
Eternamente Bella