Trio consisting, appearing, 2 brothers and a sister, Fred Mudd, Jeff Mudd, Mary Mudd from the UK. One of those songs that's so bad it's good! I mean really! lol


Pop / Vocal / Novelty / Ballad

Della Bosiers
Met Hart En Ziel

Papaw (2)
Faces inédites, 1929–1960

Elke Sommer
Be Not "Notty" / The Faithful Hussar

Roberta Tovey
Who's Who


Miguel Gallardo
Baila Gitana

Gigliola Cinquetti
Comment Fait-Elle, Dis-Moi?

Fernando Fernán Gómez
Aún Vivo Para El Amor

Cseh Tamás
Új Dalok

Miguel Bosé
Ensayo / Don Diablo

Johnny Cymbal
Dum Dum Dee Dum

Susan Boyle
I Dreamed A Dream