Audio of If I Ruled The World (Radio Edit) performed by Nas from the promotional single If I Ruled The World. The original version appears on the album It Was Written.
© 1996 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Credits & Info:

Formats: CD
Label: Columbia
Written by: Nasir Jones, Jean-Claude Olivier, Kurtis Walker, Samuel Barnes
Produced by: Trackmasters, Rashad Smith


Hip Hop / Conscious

Baby J

Sound Of Da Police

Native Assassins
The Natives Are Restless

Tom MacDonald (11)
Cloned Rappers

Amari Mar
Da God Must B Krazy

Ms. Kenya
I Am

Massive Töne

Tupac Shakur
Resurrection (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)

Aspetta Un Minuto Mixtape

Original Concept
Straight From The Basement Of Kooley High!

Comme Un Rat Dans L'Coin...