A1 Always
A2 Fascination
A3 Three O'Clock In The Morning
A4 Stars In My Eyes
A5 Falling In Love With Love
A6 I'll See You Again
B1 The Kiss Waltz
B2 A Kiss In The Dark
B3 Wunderbar
B4 Ramona
B5 Waltz Of My Heart
B6 Will You Remember



Danny Williams
More / Rhapsody

Kathy Kirby
Spanish Flea

Them (3)
Don't Start Crying Now

Tanju Okan
Babam Gibi / Yaşanmaz Aynı Evde

Los Angeles Negros (2)
Chicas / Me Equivoque / Por Que Me Dejaste / Tengo Un Amor

The Merry Macs
Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wa-I (Hawaiian War Chant)

Hello World

It's All About You

Carrera Del Diablo / Sueño

The Andrews Sisters
I Don't Know Why / Azusa

Randy Sparks
No, No, Napoleon / I'll Be True