This video is like tooootally nuts!!...I saw it playing on that skateboard and snowboard channel fuel one day!!!Wussup MTV and BET?...Where y'all AT!!!!!Tes is Sooo dope, I peronally feel he's the dopest rapper in the USA and Canada..even North America and of course Europe....The Whole World and governing Celestial bodies will discover the illmatic flow of the Brooklyn gods rollin in the most hardcore sexy ghost rider with kickdrum rides!!!! No one can hide from the war on thugs!!!! We finna bring it back for new york......the swine has seen the end of it's time!!!...follow the blind and watch the mime fall off quick!!!He owns Grime...Straight puffin vines in an ill studio in collette with a model rocking alife sweats!!!....But homie rocks king stampede with 10 deep math random lyrical animation. He's a singer song writer and Producer...look for a beat box podcast blast!!!
Homie also has some dope dubstep joints that are quite fresh indeed ....his party bangers are perfect for any urban or suburban or even sub sub underwater garage blog festival where folks gather together to for good weather. I'm his biggest huge giant fan cuz he is a platimum post backpacker post gatpacker and every thing homie touches turns to gold!!! Foshow!!!! the eurocrunk for father is also a director of amazing myth set adrift...from a wolf raised but not born recycle the king of Rome! more power to you and yours and more power to Tes cuz Time energy space is where yen rest. the day of natural disaster explosions will ring loco across the board and land like the borg!!! with a Korg!!!..and your Ipod wants more!!...I just got an Iphone for my dog with the hyphy smog! the game codes are here for the most new new doom type club domination!!! Across the entire nation, galaxy or mp3 space station!! My friend simon who's best friends with John and Peter found a cute Kitty by a speaker. also, Sara and Ashley found him freaking out in berlin LOL !!! he was hangin out with this chick name Mary Ann Hobbs in london too....on some rocksteady dub for You.
So to sum it all up...Tes is an Avant garde musician who still has bombs for the street with a rad mpc technique. He's been dropping solid jams over breaks , baltimore and house anthems outside of the more trippy ventures such as this. his project Go blonde is pretty sick too.
These German fellas are also Legendary Legendary producers from the 90's who sadly parted ways as a production group. They know use their solo names Christian de Luca and Michael Fakesch. This track came out on the classic album called Disconnected!! reconnect and re up and COP this ISH!!!


Electronic / Breakbeat / Abstract / IDM