Excerpt from the concept album "SID€SHOW 2" [Release date: May 29 2020]
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Circus freak-jazz reverie interpolating emotional counterpoints, ambient synth-hop, and disjointed dissonant riffs.

This second "Sideshow" album tells the story of a tormented Two-Headed Kid, a bellicose Giant Fly, and an adorable Dwarf Elephant.
Exposed for their abnormalities, they're not necessarily sad (they get room, board + decent salary).
The intermission act presents the classic crowd-pleaser Bed of Snails.

The two keyboardists alternate dreamy and nightmarish soundscapes over steady yet intricate drum/bass loops. Four musicians improvising live arrangements of character pieces.

"Giant Fly aka Mes Choux Gras aka Metastasis"

Louis de Mieulle: electric bass, keyboards
Casimir Liberski: keyboards
Eitan Kenner: keyboards
Raphaël Pannier: drums
Recorded at Wonderpark Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed + mastered by Chris Krasnow
Composed and produced by Louis de Mieulle

CARTOONS USED (courtesy of Steve Stanchfield/Thunderbean Animation):
-Easy does it! [Hugh Harman Productions, 1946]
-Korn Plastered In Africa [“Scarfoot” McCrory, 1931]
-No Fare [Jacob Conn/Organizing Sunrise Pictures Corp. 1933]
-Hobo Hero [Les Elton, 1935]
-The Snowman [Ted Eshbaugh, 1933]
-Mendelssohn's spring song [Cy Young, 1931]
-Wot a Night [John Foster-George Stallings/Van Beuren Studios, 1931]
-The Brotherhood of Man [United Productions of America, 1946]
-Monkey Doodle [Les Elton, 1931]



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