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ANDREW RED HAND - INSPIRING MEMORIES EP / DETROIT UNDERGROUND, Detroit // Electro // Cassette & Digital // Preview :
1. Fugitive For One Night @ 00:00
2. Bass Agenda 86 @ 3:10
3. VIP Club On Acid @ 5:45
4. ER @ 8:03
5. Bass Agenda 86 (Planet Pluto Remix) @ 12:46
6. Bass Agenda 86 (Ghostwerk Remix) @ 15:31

Soundcloud Preview : https://soundcloud.com/andrewredhand/andrew-red-hand-inspiring-memories-ep-detroit-underground .

Digital @ Bandcamp and all stores soon - https://andrewredhand.bandcamp.com/album/andrew-red-hand-inspiring-memories-ep-detroit-underground-detroit

CASSETTES can be ordered directly from the labels's Bandcamp : http://detund.bandcamp.com/album/inspiring-memories-ep .

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Soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/AndrewRedHand
Bandcamp : http://AndrewRedHand.bandcamp.com
Discogs : https://www.discogs.com/artist/964360-Andrew-Red-Hand

Artwork by Alan Oldham.

''Andrew Red Hand is someone who wears his influences well, turning in an EP full of the kind of sharp beats and wiggly electro funk that fits neatly within the Detroit ouevre, while still allowing him to explore his own emotional center as a native Romanian.

Like many who found a connection with Detroit, he is far from it physically, but he has found his strength in the sound, fusing a fierce bassline with a tightly woven melody in “Fugitive For One Night”, while adding a quirky hopefulness to “Bass Agenda 86.”

“VIP Club on Acid” heads straight for the dancefloor and the acid, minimal in construction and driven only by snappy snares. “ER” changes up the angle with a heavy kick and restrained percussion driving tense pads, hot string stabs, and a dripping acid line.

On the remix end of things, Planet Pluto, whose own excellent electro has been featured on DetUnd before, take “Bass Agenda 86” into the murkiest depths, keeping the drums sharp but the melody submerged, and Ghostwerk turns it into a harder-hitting moody monster, with the apparition of two-step skittering through it.

Andrew Red Hand has made his own space within the electro framework, one that is connected to the spirit of Detroit by the sound, yet always based on his own experiences with life and music."
~ Words by DJ Shiva


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