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00:00 - Rendlesham Forest (1980)
00:55 - Blue Aura
01:48 - The Dechmont Woods Encounter
02:38 - Howden Moor
03:33 - The Cosford Incident
04:25 - Broad Haven (1977)
05:12 - Solway Firth Spaceman
06:11 - You Will Improve Or Disappear

Grey Frequency's fourth full-length album, 'Ufology', is an audio exploration of British UFO sightings from the second half of the twentieth century. The album offers eight tracks, comprising of lo-fi drones, dark ambient textures, and cassette-looped field recordings. Each piece focuses on a specific encounter from UFO folklore and reinterprets it as an excursion in unsettling sound and atmosphere.


Electronic / Dark Ambient / Ambient / Abstract / Experimental / Drone / Industrial / Musique Concrète / Minimal / Noise / Neofolk

Warrior Squares
Volume One

Robert Turman
Chapter Eleven

Colour Sound Oblivion: Patrons Edition

OCP (2)
Hot Stuff

'Dreamtime Pantheist'

Blanket Swimming
Triumphant Rains

Buio Scarlatto

How To Destroy Angels (Remixes And Re-Recordings)

Das Pst
20 Wasted Years Part I